About the Author

Author Sharon Stevens-Smith of Runtie and Tudie_s Grand Sailing Adventure _ A True Story by Sharon Stevens-Smith Children Non-fiction.

Sharon Stevens-Smith

Raised on beautiful Vancouver Island surrounded by the vast Pacific Ocean, Sharon Stevens-Smith developed a fascination and deep respect for the ocean at a very early age.

Sharon’s first children’s book unveils the remarkable journey of an intrepid woman, compelled by circumstances to embark on a maritime odyssey with her two Calico cats, affectionately named Runtie and Tudie. Reluctant yet determined, Sharon’s voyage unfolded into a captivating adventure that spanned several years.

Sharon’s adventurous spirit extends beyond the seas, encompassing a rich tapestry of experiences studying diverse cultures and wildlife in Eastern Africa, as well as contributing to the observation and research of Orangutans on the Indonesian island of Borneo.

In addition to her maritime exploits and global explorations, Sharon brings a versatile skill set to her endeavors. With a background in business and medicine, she is also a gifted artist and enthusiastic gardener. Throughout her varied pursuits, Sharon maintains a grounded demeanor and an unwavering commitment to living a purposeful life.

Whether navigating the open waters or tending to her garden, Sharon stands as a formidable presence, charting her course through life on her own terms and inspiring others to do the same.

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