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Runtie & Tudie's

Grand Sailing Adventure

A True Story

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December 27, 2023



Runtie and Tudie_s Grand Sailing Adventure _ A True Story by Sharon Stevens-Smith Children Non-fiction





This is the captivating true story of two Calico cats, Runtie and Tudie, whose extraordinary courage and remarkable adaptability propelled them on an amazing ocean voyage. They set sail from the shores of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, along with their Mistress and Captain, embarking on an amazing adventure that would span several years.

Their heartwarming magical journey, from the marinas to the open seas, reminds us all of the transformative power of embracing the unfamiliar, the depths of our own courage, the ability to adapt and the unbreakable strength of family bonds.


Runtie and Tudie were Calico cats
Whose days in the sun were spent searching for rats.
Whirling and leaping, not a care in the world
Napping together, around each other they curled.
Mother and Daughter they were, such a strong bond
Always together from dusk until dawn.

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“I bought this book for my grandchildren, and we all enjoyed it immensely. Not since Robert Munsch’s “I Love You Forever” has a children’s’ book evoked such emotion. The story is brilliant in its simplicity and the illustrations enhance the sweet tale. This is a book that every household should have in their library.”

“This book is beautifully written with gorgeous illustrations. I loved this book so much we bought two copies for my son’s daycare and other children saw the books and I ended up buying more copies for them. It is beautiful for yourself or a gift. This one will definitely be a favourite for everyone. Love that it is based on a true story.”

“Very well written and am asked again and again to read it to my grandchildren, it has quickly became their favourite book! We all agree the flying fish is our favourite part! Highly recommended.”

Runtie and Tudie_s Grand Sailing Adventure _ A True Story by Sharon Stevens-Smith Children Non-fiction

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